Missed Blog post April/ May 2017!!!

Sunday 9th of April, the lovely Kerry took us through growing our own in small spaces.



Now fortunately I have been brought up in a household where my mother and father have always been into growing our own vegetables. the back garden had a no-go zone in case my brother and I crushed dad’s carrots, potatoes, onions, strawberries, cabbage or sweetcorn. but for some reason mum and dad’s green finger’s never rubbed off on me. Unfortunately, I generally ended up just killing any form of vegetation I attempted to grow.

However, the concept of living off the land had been instilled in me from a young age. And I have known that it was something I would eventually attempt and be successful at some point in my life, and it has now been reignited within me. I have been pondering with starting my own vegetable patch for a few years, as I haven’t been able to dedicated as much time to the garden as I would’ve hoped since moving in it hasn’t developed as I would have hoped.

This Summer, the garden is now on my to do list. I have managed to source some reclaimed roof beams, it seems recycling is now deep-seated within me. Driving past a house renovation I asked kindly if I could take them off their hands and they obliged :). I will be using this little beauty and others to create my veg bed.


And thanks to the Kerry and live lagom, I have begun my veg mission one seed at a time, we decorated plant pots to keep us inspired as part of the workshop.

IMG_3949.JPGAnd I planted my Basil seeds to get  my veg bed started, so far they are coming along nicely.





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