Progress so far…..

Since signing up for Live Lagom, I’ve found myself being more aware of my environment and surroundings.

Every bottle, piece of card, plastic and paper now gets picked up and placed in the appropriate pile ready to be distributed between the relevant bins. As you can see they are filling up nicely.





Its been a mission to get the Diontai to always remember that we are recycling everything, but we’re getting there. It has also meant less trips to the bins outside #bonus :).

Alongside recycling, another element that has changed within our home environment has been the Hive hub and smart lights. As a British gas home-serve customer as part of my sign up deal I was sent the hive hub and two lightbulbs for free……..

Hive makes it easy to control everyday things from your phone. By having the lightbulbs installed within my home I can set timers as to when the lights come on and switch off, allowing me to reduce the amount of electricity consumed. I turn the lights off and on via an app on my phone, so if I leave the house and forget I simply open the app and I can turn them off wherever I am. Amazing!!  

And to make it even better they are LED lights, again cutting the power consumed by the lights, they are dimmable which can also be controlled via the app on your phone, so if you do not have a dimmer switch you still have the option to control the brightness of your lights. I would definitely recommend this product.

Live Lagom Workshop March 2017

live lagom.jpg…….. I nearly forgot, I took mum and Diontai along to the the Nottingham store for our sewing workshop. Luckily as a child I was taught to sew, mum was uber savvy and creative as she used to make our clothes, mend my dads trousers make her own curtains and even made a cover for her three piece suite. She passed her skills onto myself and my siblings and they have come in handy on numerous occasions.



green heart.jpg


The lovely Kerry led the Nottingham workshop, where we were creating draught excluders. I took along the off cuts from the curtains I had purchased as part of my big shop. It was a great morning.


As you can see Mum and Diontai came along and got involved too. We all found it very therapeutic, it was great to sit and just concentrate for a minute and think, whilst also creating something for the house.

Looking forward tot he next workshop…. I will keep you posted on how it goes. #showthelove


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