New Year, New start!

So far, as 2017 is all about Living Lagom…….. Our new years resolutions are as follows:

  • Reduce waste
  • Reduce bills by reducing heat loss and saving energy.
  • Recycle more

Since christmas I have been in the process of decorating the house, I have slowly but surely been putting the items purchased during our big shop into use. The curtains have made such a big difference to the living room, they really have. It feels so homely and warm already and I only have one pair up, I do love them.

The lamp has added a much need ambience to the room as well as letting us reduce usage of the main light – I purchased the shade elsewhere, combined I think the stand and shade work well together.


SORTERA waste sorting bin with lid – these have been placed under the stairs (yet to be decorated). They just need some labels, but having the bins user the stairs has helped me in terms of sorting my recycling, beforehand I think I was half-heartedly a recycler. Now we have a system in place, even Diontai (my son) has got into recycling, and we are making less trips to the bottle bin outside in the cold, as we are collecting inside first….Winner!



Over the next few weeks I will be sorting my living room floor and then the rug can go down, I can’t wait loving my happy home.

It’s amazing how making a few adjustments can change your perception of your surroundings.





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