2017 is all about Living Lagom……..

My names Vanessa and welcome to my blog! Thanks for stopping by.

2017 is all about Living Lagom……..

Towards the later end of 2016 I was lucky enough to be chosen by Ikea to take part in their live Lagom project. What did this mean, a chance for me to look at my current living situation and think about how I could  do something positive, make a few changes and help my environment by living more sustainably, so naturally I jumped at the chance.

I was brought up in a household where my dad grew his own vegetables, we never wasted food and my mum batched cooked. These skills I have tried to adopt  throughout my adult years – well the batch cooking at least. I knew there were other ways I could reduce waste and save money in my household. As a single mother with a growing 14-year-old boy, the other reason for joining the Live Lagom project was to encourage my son to consciously take care of his environment too.

After my initial home visit, towards the end of December my son and I met with the lovely Kerry from Nottingham Ikea to carry out our big shop. Admittedly, I had spent hours on the website aswell as trawling through the Live Lagom catalogue trying to figure out what would have the best impact on my household. Essentially I wanted to reduce my bills, keep the warmth in and assist with my batch cooking. With a £300 budget this seemed highly  achievable.

Just after we’d finished the shop

So this is what we brought……

2 pairs of Blekviva curtains, and Glansnava – curtain liners, these will be used in the front room. I have a conservatory with double doors leading off the front room and windows at the front there for the aim is to keep the living room snug with the curtains covering both sets of glass.

1 large Sanderum rug – For the living room floor, to make it feel more warm. A plethora of LED bulbs – most the bulbs have now been changed in the house. Senior casserole pot with lid – this has so far enabled me to do a lot more one pot cooking in the oven, reducing gas consumption and aiding with my batch cooking. I love this pot and intend on purchasing the larger one too!


SORTERA waste sorting bin with lid x 3

EKARP Floor lamp base. My fave I love this beautiful lamp.


So with the shopping complete, I just had to sort where they would all go.


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